Sunday, September 23, 2012

1912 - Loses Faith in Artist Husband

From the The Salt Lake Tribune
September 23, 1912

"Reincarnated Daughter of Pharoah" 
Suing Ralph Chesley Ott for Divorce.

By International News Service.
St. Louis, Sept. 22 - Mrs Ralph Chesley Ott, "reincarnated daughter of Pharaoh," who is suing her noted artist husband for divorce, now denies that she ever had faith in the old Egyptian gods.  She adds that when her two children came she utterly lost all faith in her husband's fantastic belief, and now, if she can recover her children through the courts, she will be satisfied with realities and forget all the dream talk and theosophy woven by Mr. Ott.

The husband is now in Springfield, Mo., with the children, and is expected to file a general denial to his wife's divorce charges this week.

According to their tales, she was the Princess Amneris 5000 years ago, and he was an artist in the employ of her haughty father, Pharaoh.

As in the modern romance it was a case of love at first sight when the princess and the artist met for the first time in the queen's chamber of the great pyramid.

Ott's modern meeting of his 5000-year-old ideal was at the University of Missouri after he had returned from a commission to study Egyptian architecture for E.G. Lewis.  She was then Mrs. Jane Schauffert, an artist's model.
1910 article from San Antonio Light and Gazette

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