Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1912 - Plans Public Cemetery

The Times Dispatch (Richmond VA)
September 25, 1912

Chicago Will Operate Beautiful Burying Ground at Cost

Chicago, September 24:
A public cemetery operated at cost, not a "Potter's field," but a beautiful park, attractively equipped, is planned by President Peter Barten, of the board of Cook County.  The plan was broached yesterday while the board was considering the levying of taxes on the property of a number of wealthy cemetery corporations, hitherto exempt.

"Why should these corporations, whose property is listed in some instances in millions, grow wealthy from burying the dead?"  demanded President Barten.  The county attorney suggested that the county had authority to operate a cemetery, and it was ordered that county employes (sic) immediately seek a suitable plot of land.  Cleveland, O, according to Mr. Barten, is engaged in a similar project.

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