Monday, September 24, 2012

1912 - Sensational Exhibit Attracts Large Crowd

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September 24, 1912
Mt. Vernon Ohio

Sensational Exhibit Attracts Large Crowd

Washington, Sept 23
Fully 10,000 person, according to the official estimate, visited the exhibition in connection with the international congress of hygiene and demography.  The center of general interest, on the part of men and women alike, was the sensational exhibit of the sex hygiene section, concerning which nearly half a hundred lectures have been given during the past wee.  The marvelous and unique exhibit of the models of leper specimens also attracted particular attention.

Out in the campus, large crowds visited the campfire girls, the Red Cross and army field hospitals, the army cooking school and field baking plant, the Boy Scout colony and other organizations or exhibits that are placed under canvass.

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