Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1912 - Famous Conjoined Twins Die in N.C.

The Sun
New York
October 10, 2012


Christine Survived Her Sister Millie by Several Hours

Wilmington, N.C., Oct. 9--Death today claimed the famous Millie-Christine twins.  Millie died first, but her sister survived her only a few hours.

The twins had the same body, but had two heads and two sets of lower extremities.  They had been seen all over this country and in Europe and could speak several different languages.  They were highly educated. They could talk to themselves or could carry on conversations with others at the same time.  While one was asleep the other could be awake,  but as a rule they went to sleep at the same time.

Born in slavery times, the women, who were colored, were sold for $40,000 to used for exhibition purposes.  They were stolen from their owner in Philadelphia a few years later and taken to Europe, where they were found some years afterward.

**Millie died of tuberculosis and Christine died seventeen hours later. They had been known as The Two Headed Nightengale

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