Saturday, October 13, 2012

1912 Governor reprieves four condemned

Tombstone Epitaph
Tombstone, Arizona
October 13, 1912

Does Not Favor Capital Punishment and
Saves Four Condemned Arizonans
Who Were to Die Today
Asks Legislature to Abolish Hanging

Governor Hunt has issued a reprieve for William Campbell, Eduardo Perez, N.B. Chavez and Miguel Peralta who are confined in the state penitentiary under death sentence for sentence for murder in Yavapai county, and who were to have been hanged today.  The reprieve lasts until the 11 day of April next.

In issuing this reprieve the governor advocates the repeal of the capital punishment statute of the state, and asks that petitions be circulated initiating a law prohibiting local executions.

In his order for reprieve he deals at length with the subject, citing the statutes in other states and repeating many reasons against capital punishment.

He also says that there is to be an extra session of the legislature, and advises that the proposed initiative petitions be prepared and presented at such session so the law power can at that time change the statue on capital punishment and save execution of the men named.

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