Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1912 - Man is a Megalomaniac Among Animals

The Tacoma Times
Tacoma, Washington
October 3, 1912

Here is the Frog Which Never Had a Father

The "fatherless frog," which was "raised" by Prof. Jacques Loeb of Chicago and was recently on exhibition in a glass jar at the national hygeinic (sic) exposition at the Red Cross building in Washington, now has its picture in the paper for the first time.

This freak, which is shown in both the tadpole and the frog stage, never had any father outside of Prof. Loeb.  Prof. Loeb fertilized the egg of the female frog by a chemical process.

The result was what scientists call "parthenogenesis"--a case of birth with only one parent.  The frog developed into a very healthy specimen.

Jacques Loeb
"Man is a megalomaniac among animals"

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