Tuesday, October 2, 2012

1912 Calling Card Rules for Gentlemen

The Watchman and Southron
Sumter, S.C.
October 2, 1912

Calling-Card Rules
(by Paul West.)

Gentleman readers have requested the very latest information concerning the leaving of calling-cards.  The following rules have been obtained from high authority:

A gentleman calling on a single lady should hand four cards to the maid or butler.  Then, as he enters the drawing room, he should deposit two more on the nearest table.  If the lady is sometime in making her appearance, he may decorate the pictures on the walls with his cards, also slipping as many as possible into books on the center table.  On going out, be sure to leave twelve more on the card-stand.

In calling on a married lady, twice the number of cards should be left, besides which on returning home, he should mail forty or fifty more as a token of his pleasure at having seen her.

At receptions and other formal affairs, a gentleman should leave as many of his cards as he can carry to the place.  Also drop a few into the soup, the punch bowl, and, on leaving, into umbrella stands. ---Exchange.

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