Tuesday, November 27, 2012

1912 - A boiled onion is the answer

Lexington Gazette
Lexington Va,
November 27 1912

Mrs. Hetty Green Gives Timely Bit of Advice

Mrs. Hetty Green of New York, the world's richest woman, celebrated her seventy-eighth birthday last Thursday in the usual manner--by working.  When she was told that there were many men and women who might wish to follow the example set by her in leading a long and useful life, she volunteered the following advice for them:
Don't envy your neightbor.

Don't overdress; that is, don't dress flashily, whether you have the means or not, for that will cause envy and jealousy to be aroused in others.

Don't fail to dress warm. In cold weather low-cut gowns and the vanity of some women cause many deaths.

Don't fail to go to church.  The church needs you and you need the church.

Don't eat anything but good, wholesome food.  Home cooking is the best.

Don't cheat in your business dealings, for sooner or later your conscience will begin to trouble you, and later you will worry yourself into your grave.

Don't fail to be fair in all things, business and otherwise, and never kick a man when he is down.

Don't forget that riches gained by such acts you must leave behind some day, and that when you do depart if your riches have been gained by these means, you will find the doors o heaven tightly bolted against you.

Don't forget to be charitable and don't falsify.

Don't forget to get a lot of exercise, of which walking is the best.

Don't forget to obey the laws of God, for they were the first laws.  By so doing you will live as God has wished you to live.  'Give unto Caesar that which is Caesar's and unto God that with is God's'"

After giving this advice Mrs. Green volunteered the information that she is going to move back into her old $18 a month cold water flat in Brooklyn.  She is living temporarily with a friend.  She said she could not spare a day from her office even to celebrate her birthday.

During the entire interview Mrs Green was chewing constantly on a boiled onion, and her lips were smacking continuously.

"I always have a boiled onion with me," she volunteered, "and I always chew on one.  It is the greatest preventive in the world against germs.  I have been doing the same thing for twenty years and I have never had a sore throat."

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