Thursday, November 22, 2012

1912- Fear of Negroes caused her to Kill

The Salt Lake Tribune
November 22 1912



Father of Matricide Says She was Always Obsessed by Fear of Negroes.

Philadelphia Nov. 21--Prenatal fear, the subtle affliction which physicians cannot cure, was the probable cause of the murder of her own mother by Miss Gladys Myers on a Southern Pacific train last week.

Miss Myers and her mother were occupying a Pullman berth.  Miss Gladys suddenly awoke and says she imagined her mother's face was that of the negro porter beside her, so she fired twice with her revolver, not realizing for some moments afterward that she had shot her own mother.

The girl's father, a wealthy hotel keeper of Greensburg, Pa., says that ever since birth the beautiful girl had been afflicted with a racial antipathy and terrible fear of colored men.
The girl's mother was afflicted the same way and the father is certain that the tragic fear, transmitted to the daughter at birth, was the cause of the tragedy.  He believes that the matricide was doomed from birth to commit the awful deed and denies that she has any moral responsibility in the matter.  As this view is supported by physicians, it is likely that it will be adopted by the authorities, hence no attempt will be made to accuse the girl of crime.

She is prostrated by grief and fear is entertained for her reason.

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