Friday, November 30, 2012

1912 -Louisiana, where the living is cheap

The True Democrat
November 30, 1912

The following few prices make farm life in Louisiana look good.  Land selling in New York City at $270 a square foot and above; in Chicago chickens and butter each selling at 50 cents a pound in high class stores, and guaranteed eggs at 60 cents; in Germany the wholesale price of swine is 18 cents, beef 22 1/2 cents, and veal higher, these prices compelling people to eat the horse meat more than heretofore.

Modern conditions indicate that a great many people in the great cities must either go back to the farm or starve.  Louisiana, with its cheap lands, fertile soil and open winter climate, offers an opportunity to thousands to become independent.  Louisiana has thousands of acres of land that will feed many thousands more of people and enable them to live in comfort.  This state can secure many of these people if it will but let its advantages and opportunities become known.--Crowley Signal

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