Thursday, November 29, 2012

1912 - Parentage based on Resemblence

The Evening World
November 29, 1912


Mrs. Manila Points to Resemblance 
Between Little Girls as Basis 
of Claim.

To help prove through resemblance that the child she is trying to regain through a judicial order is her own, Mrs. Aramella Manila went before Supreme Court Justice Seabury this afternoon with another daughter.  The child that plays the important part in the proceedings is "Louisa," six years old, who has been making her home with Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Lacascia of No. 400 East Sixty-third street for a year.  They got "Louisa" from a Catholic nursery.  Argument on a writ of habeas corpus was heard.

With Mrs. Manila was her eight-year-old daughter Jennie, sister of "Louisa."  The two children remained apart during the long wait before the case was called, each seemingly content with a large doll.  "Louisa" amused herself by combing the doll's flaxen hair, and not once did she look at the woman who claims her as her own child.  The mother made no attempt to speak to the younger girl.

Mrs. Manila said that she had many children and put "Louisa" in a nursery when she was two year old. Seven months ago, she says, her baby was given to the Lacascias, who have grown to love her as if she were their own.  Lacascia is a mechanical engineer and half-owner of the Atlantic Iron Works, Lorimer Street, Brooklyn.  The foster-parents say that Mrs. Manila is not the mother of the girl, whom they call "Christina."

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