Sunday, November 18, 2012

1912 - Rejected Suitor Ties Girl to Horns of Cow

The Salt Lake Tribune
November 18 1912

Young Canadian Farmer, Being Rejected,
Seeks Revenge in Diabolical Manner.

Winnipeg, Man. Nov 17-- Peter G. Hanson, a farmer at Grierson, eighty miles northwest of Winnipeg, is sought by the Manitoba police, who accuse him of tying a young woman to a cow's horns.  Maggie Warauski, the daughter of a neighbor, is seriously injured, perhaps fatally, as a result. 

The story sent here is to the effect that Hanson, who was enamored with the girl, became angry at her coldness and threatened revenge.  This revenge is said to have consisted of knocking the girl unconscious and binding her firmly across the animal's horns.  The cow took fright and dashed into the bush, tearing off the young woman's clothes against the trees.

When the animal became exhausted it fell, and the girl was crushed against the earth.  She was trampled under the cow's feet when it attempted to rise.  Neighbors, hearing the screams in the woods, cut the girl loose.

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