Monday, December 24, 2012

1912 - $9 per week Minimum Wage Set for Women


Trenton, N.J., Dec 24--The public service corporation of New Jersey, beginning January 1, will establish a minimum wage scale for women and girls in its employ of $9 a week, because an investigation conducted by the welfare committee of the corporation disclosed the fact that on a weekly wage of less there could be no assurance that a girl or woman could live in freedom from the pitfalls and temptations which beset young women who are thrown in contact with the world.

In announcing the new scale President Thomas N. McCarter referred to it as in the nature of a Christmas gift.  He was careful to point out, however, that the motive which had inspired the company to establish this increased minimum wage was not the mere wish to remember the employees at Christmas; it was because the company recognized a moral obligation, the president said, to pay not only a living wage, but a decent living wave.

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