Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1912 - Cuts Wifes Throat & Defies Police

The Tacoma Times

December 19, 1912


Crowd Sees All Grim Tragedy

Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 19--With 9,090 spectators watching the battle, the entire police department of Memphis attempted today to dislodge Adam Boehler, who barricaded himself in his home, after cutting his wife's throat, nearly decapitating her.  Boehler was mortally wounded finally, and was taken to the hospital, where he died in a few minutes.

When the police demanded his surrender he defied them.  The entire department was then called out and began to attack the house, which Policeman Jesse Wooten was fatally shot in the chest and two spectators wounded.

At noon Mayor Crump ordered a general charge, and the police climbed to the roof of the house.  They bored holes, pouring the formaldehyde in from the top for the purpose of driving Bouhler out from his hiding place.  Meanwhile hundreds of shots were fired.  Finally Detectives Smidley and Hurst gained a position of vantage and fired from behind a sheet iron barricade, mortally wounding Boehler.

Post script - His wife was Grace Boehler.  She was buried in Elmwood Cemetery just two days after her husbands interment. For more news reports and varying versions, some sensationalized, visit Adam J. Boehler's profile at Findagrave.

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