Friday, December 14, 2012

1912 - Fashionable Women Lug Lap Dogs instead of Sweet Babies

The Tacoma Times
December 14 2012

Jersey City, N.J. The baby or the dog--which?

This is the throbbing question over which the society of an entire city is being split into factions, and upon which a sedate judge is giving his most serious thought.

As a matter of fact, this is a throbbing question, for it shows the people of America to what a pass the stork has come in "our effete east," where most of the fashionable women, instead of carrying sweet little babies, are seen lugging lap-dogs under their arms!

The problem is forced upon the attention of Jersey City by a Fairmount hotel against Clinton S. Dow, a broker--a suit which has for its focal point the question whether Edwina Dow, 2 years old and very sweet, is a better or worse house companion than "Red Mike," very Irish and very canine!

A few weeks before Edwina was born, her father, it seems, went to the management of the Fairmount hotel, where he had a suite, and asked to be allowed to move into a larger apartment.  He gave as the reason that he "expected an increase in his family."  Whereupon, he charges, he was given to understand that he "had better move, as babies were not wanted."

"But, I expostulated, declared Dow, "that our dog, Red Mike, had never been kept out of the hotel.  So why should our baby when it is born?  Surely, I exclaimed, a baby is more desirabel in a hotel than a dog!"

But the management didn't seem to think its guests would agree to that, it appears from Low's testimony, and so, before Edwina was born, he moved.  And then, he says, he was sued by the hotel for $80 on his unexpired lease!

In trying the case Judge Erwin of Jersey City was forced to hear the testimony of many society leaders who told how they had been allowed to keep dogs in their apartments at the hotel.

After all testimony was in, Judge Erwin announced that the matter was too weighty for snap judgement and he promised, after reflection, to render a decision later as to which are really to be preferred hereafter in this county as house-mates--dogs or babies!

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