Sunday, December 30, 2012

1912 - Lawmakers Save Americans from Phossy Jaw

The Washington Herald
December 30 1912


Pants to Suffer no More


Cincinnati, Ohio, Dec 29--That time-honored custom of striking matches on your trousers is to become one of the lost arts.  After January 1 the American manufacturers will make no more of the old strike-em-on-your-pants matches.  The law prohibits it.  The Esch bill becomes effective in Ohio, and all American matches are made at Akron and Barberton.

The Diamond Match people have begun already making the sesquisalophine match, which contains the necessary combustible ingredients, but is nonpoisonous.  According to the Ohio lawmakers, the old style match was dangerous and caused many deaths from "phospy-jaw". (phossy jaw)


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