Sunday, December 9, 2012

1912 - One of the Most Remarkable Fight Pictures Ever Taken

The Tacoma Times
December 9, 1912

Here it is!
One of the Most Remarkable 
Fight Pictures Ever Taken.

When Willie Ritchie took the championship away from Ad. Wolgast on Thanksgiving day, at San Francisco, he really did it with straight lefts.  For it was those tantalizing straight lefts that prepared the way for several of Ritchie's right crosses and particularly that terrific one in the 16th round that floored Wolgast, knocked him under the ropes and led him to commit the foul that lost him the championship.

In the accompanying picture Ritchie is shown driving his straight left to Wolgast's jaw.  Note the expression on Ad's face and how the force of the punch has straightened Wolgast from his customary crouch.  Also note the remarkable reach of Ritchie.  This picture taken during the 16th round on Thanksgiving day by M.C. Larkin, Times staff photographer.

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