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1912 - Perfect as Venus de Milo & Weighs 171 lbs

The Evening World
December 21 1912

She's As "Perfect" As Venus De Milo,
and Weighs 171
Brooklyn Girl Hailed Nearest to the Ideal Among
Cornell Co-eds.

Miss Elsie Scheel, a Brooklyn girl, has been awarded the palm as Cornell's most perfect woman.  Superior physical strength, remarkable endurance and beauty of form are the essentials on which she won the prize.

Miss Scheel is twenty-five years old, weighs 171 pounds and is 5 feet 7 inches in height.  Her natural chest measurement is 34.6 inches, waist 30.3 inches and hips 40.4.  She is light haired, blue-eyed and has a wonderfully clear complexion.

Dr. Esther Parker, medical examiner of the university's co-eds, says that although Miss Scheel is proportionately taller and weighs more, she is nearer the proportions of the Venus de Milo than any woman at Cornell since Dr. Parker has been connected with the staff.

Miss Scheel's favorite food is beefsteak.  She never drank tea or coffee in her life.  She doesn't care for delicacies and rarely eats candies.  She eats only three meals in two days, and rarely eats breakfast.  She doesn't believe in "mechanical eating."  Cold water she calls her best medicine.

Her hobby is motoring, her favorite sport basketball.  She is very fond of walking.  She keeps regular hours.

Miss Scheel's favorite study is horticulture.  If she were a man, she says she would be a mechanical engineer.  The Perfect Woman says that she has never been sick in her life and that girls would be happier and in better health if they weren't "afraid of things."  The co-eds at Cornell, in her opinion, study too hard.  When she finishes at school she will grow vegetables on her father's farm on Long Island...

Miss Scheel is the daughter of Dr. Sophie B. Scheel, formerly of No. 209 Hancock Street, Brooklyn and now living near Passaic, N.J.  Miss Scheel entered the Packer Institute in Brooklyn in 1908 and was graduated from there in June 1910.  She then went to Cornell.

Elsie Scheel married Frederick Rudolph Hirsh.  She died in 1979 in Saint Cloud, Florida at the age of 91.

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