Tuesday, December 18, 2012

1912 - Shot him for the Insurance

Medford Mail Tribune
December 18 1912

Eugene Grace Asks Divorce: Says Wife
Shot Him to Get Insurance

Reiterating the charge that his wife shot him to obtain his life insurance, Eugene H. Grace has filed suit for divorce against Daisy Opie Grace.

At her trial at Newman, Ga., in June Mrs. Grace was acquitted and returned to Philadelphia to live.  She instituted divorce proceedings there last September.

Mrs. Grace alleged cruel and barbarous treatment on the part of her husband.

On March 5 last Grace was found shot in bed in his home at Atlanta, the bullet having lodged against the spinal cord, causing paralysis from his waist down.  Mrs. Grace was arrested.

At her trial she testified that her husband was shot in a quarrel with her when he seized a revolver and both were struggling for possession of the weapon.

"I did not shoot him, and he knows it," the woman declared.  "As God is my judge, I did not."

The trial attracted wide attention at the time, and at its conclusion there were rumors for a time of a reconciliation between the couple.  Grace is younger than his wife.
Post script - Rich Georgian Strangely Shot : Eugene Grace, Daisy of the Leopard Spots, and the Great Atlanta Shooting of 1912

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  1. Rich Georgian Strangely Shot. If you share my interest in old crime stories - and most folks who visit this blog surely do - then you will really enjoy this tale. Great period detail and a fascinating story.