Tuesday, December 25, 2012

1912 - Today there Breathes the Spirit of Generosity

The Washington Herald
December 25 1912


Once again we turn reverently to the story of the babe in the manger.  We see the shepherds watching their flocks by night and star in the east.  Like the wise men, we worship the child who unto us this day is born.

Over all the world today there breathes the spirit of generosity and brotherly love.  Envy and hatred and all uncharity are swept away by the love which envelopes humanity.  Gratitude and remembrance go hand in hand into the palaces of the rich and the hovels of the poor.  Thus does Christmas pierce the thick crust of selfishness and touch the innermost soul of man.

This is the reason why we sing glory to God in the highest.  Not alone because of His adorable gift.  But because on this day the whole world leaps forward toward the happy time when peace and fraternity and charity shall reign supreme.

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