Monday, December 17, 2012

1912 - Unequal Division of Steak leads to Divorce

The Sun
December 17 1912

But Mamma Says she and hers 
Didn't get Their Share

In her suit for maintenance Mrs. Susan M. Dexheimer of 91 Day street, Orange, testified in Newark yesterday that an unfair division of a steak three weeks after her marriage started her marital difficulties.  She separated from he husband, Eugene Dexheimer, on March 7 last.

Mrs Dexhiemer was a widow with a an eighteen year old son and a thirteen year old daughter when she married Dexheimer on May 10, 1911.  He was a widower and the father of two sons and a daughter, the youngest of whom was 12 years old.

Mrs. Dexheimer charged that her husband served all the better parts of a steak to himself and his children and the poorer parts which she said "our neighbors would have thrown away, to myself and my children."

On the stand Mr. Dexheimer said he gave his wife $23 of his $25 a week and that she grumbled over money matters and nagged him.

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