Sunday, December 2, 2012

1912- Woman Appeals to End her Life

Salt Lake Trubune
December 2 1912

Sarah Harris - New York Paralytic, Asks that She 
Put to Death

New York, Dec. 1--Mrs. Sarah Harris, the remarkable paralytic patient in the Audubon sanitarium who made two public appeals during the last three months for an enactment of a law permitting her physicians to end her suffering by taking her life, wrote a third letter today.

In it she tells of a visit from Mrs. Grover Cleveland, who, being at the hospital to see an invalid relative and knowing of Mrs. Harris's case, spent an hour with the latter.

"Mrs. Cleveland is the most gracious and unaffected woman with whom I have ever spoken."  said Mrs. Harris.  "She will bring to my help the counsels of wise people.  I am as much in need of relief as when I made the first appeal.  The law does not scruple to demand life for life.  Why may not the law become an instrument of mercy as well as of vengeance."  

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