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1913 - Betty Vincent's Advice to Lovers

The Evening World
January 20 1913

Betty Vincent's Advice to Lovers

Their Parent's Wishes
Should two young persons marry if the parents of either on object to the marriage?

I do not think either a young man or a young woman should marry before coming of age; most certainly not if marriage is against their parents' desires.

But after twenty-one a man or woman should be mature enough and wise enough to make the final decisions of life without the assistance of others.  Listen to the advice of your father and mother.  They have your best interests at heart.  But, after all, it is you who are choosing a life partner, not they.  You should decide for yourself this question, which affects particularly your own future.

Only be open and aboveboard--and wait till you are of age.

"A.B." writes: "Two young men are paying attention to me, although one shows more affection than the other, I love both, but do not know which one to choose.  What do you advise?"

If you are not sure that you love one more than the other you do not love either enough to marry him.

"Q.E." writes: "What is the significance of a stamp placed upside down on a letter?"

It is supposed to mean "I love you."

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