Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1913 - Cat Dies: Town in Gloom

New York Tribune
January 9 1913

Wails of Woe in Winsted as 
Walkers Wabble in Dark

Winsted, Conn., Jan. 8--A Maltese cat put Winsted in darkness for three hours last night, but paid the death penalty in doing so.  All street lights in the borough went out simultaneously, and people who were out in the rain stumbled and fell in dark streets amid broken New Year resolutions.

Linemen were sent out to ascertain the cause of the trouble, but three hours elapsed before they found it, near Woodruff's feed mill, in the north end of the town, they found the body of a cat which had climbed a lamp pole and fallen or jumped on to the terminals, causing a short circuit.

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