Friday, January 4, 2013

1913 - Edison's Talking Movies Now on Display

The Washington Times
January 4 1913

Perfected Device Turns Film Pictures Into
Real Plays for Small Price.

New York, Jan 4--Talking movies, the newest invention of Thomas A. Edison, which has been promised for several years, are now on exhibition by the wizard inventor in his laboratory in West Orange, N.J.

In the six reels of pictures, revealing singers, musical instruments, breaking of dishes, barking of dogs, and a variety of other action.  There was virtually a perfect synchronizing of sound and action such as never before has been shown in any attempted combination of motion pictures and words or music.  Scenes from plays and parts of grand opera and musical comedy were given.

The device which Edison has invented does not permit the deviation of the picture from the sound by the slightest fraction of a second.  With every gesture of the actor in the movies came the proper word at the exact time.

The presentation of a play, musical comedy, grand opera, or historic events in such a form at 5 cents is one of the dreams of Edison.  He discussed his ambition freely after the exhibition.  His grey eyes lit up and he rubbed his gray hair enthusiastically as he spoke.  When asked what he thought of the device, he said:

"Is it perfect? By no means.  Nothing that I know of is perfect.  Every man needs a doctor once in a while to fix him up, and so anything I might invent could not be equal to a human being.

"But the way now is clear to the presentation of all forms of plays, musical comedies, grand opera, and similar things by the kinetophone.  The greatest thing of all is that the device makes it possible to give a play by the best dramatist and by the best players for 5 cents."

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