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1913 - Heiress Marries Railroad Man

Medford Mail Tribune
January 22 1913

Eldest Daughter of Late Financial Wizard and
Finely J. Shepard Are Married at the 
Gould Mansion near
New York.
Ceremony, While Costly, is Simple
When Compared with Usual Fifth Avenue

Tarrytown, N.Y., Jan 22--Miss Helen Miller Gould, eldest daughter of the late Jay Gould, New York financial wizard, and Finley J. Shepard, a railroad official of St. Louis, were married at noon today in the drawing room of the Gould mansion at Lyndhurst-on-Hudson.  It was heralded as a wedding of marked simplicity but the rich floral decorations, hundreds of costly present and briliant wedding breakfast hardly would be called simple by the average American.  Compared with the usual Fifth Avenue wedding, however, it was simple.

A country minister, the Rev. Daniel Russell, pastor of the Irvington Presbyterian church, read the service.  The bride's only attendants were her little nieces, the Misses Helen and Margaret Gould, the wedding was witnessed by 75 guests, all members of the bride and bridegroom's families.

Many Guests Arrive

Most of the guests arrived at Tarrytown this morning, dozens of automobiles taking them to Lyndhurst.  The guests included George J. Gould, Mrs. Gould and their children, Miss Edith and Miss Gloria Gould; Frank and Howard Gould; Mrs. Burton Wright, the bridegroom's sister; Anthony Drexel, Jr. and Mrs. Drexel and the Duke and Duchess of Talleyrand and their son Howard.

Only the rooms on the lower floor at Lyndhurst were decorated.  Besides the flowers, the decorating florist used $3000 worth of smilax, roses, carnations and asparagus vines.  The southwest parlor, overlooking the Hudson, was banked with palms and festooned with white and red roses.  Vases filled with roses were distributed at regular intervals.  The altar was constructed of smilax, pulmosa and roses.  It was reached by a pathway marked with white satin ribbons.  An orchestra led by Nathaniel Franke, hidden among the palms and flowers, supplied the music.

Presbyterian Service

The moment the bridal party appeared, they marched to the altar to the strains of the Lohengrin march.  The procession was led by the Rev. Mr. Russell. The bride leaned on the arm of her brother, George J. Gould.  Louis Shepard, a brother attended the bridegroom.  Reaching the altar, the minister turned and read the simple Presbyterian marriage service.

The bride's two little nieces, dressed in white, acted as flower girls and her nephew Prince Charles de Sagan, garbed in white satin, served as official page.  An elaborate wedding breakfast followed the ceremony.  The REv. Mr. Russell then presented the bride with a sheepskin marriage certificate.

Miss Virginia McAlphin and Miss Sophie Nichols, friends of the bride, spent the night at Lyndhurst and assisted in completing the arrangements.  Shepard slept at the home of the Rev. Mr. Russell, reaching Lyndhurst at 11:30 o'clock this morning.

A private detective stationed at the main door to the mansion did not recognize George J. Gould and Mrs. Gould and they were forced to remain outside in the cold until identified by the butler.  A huge force of detectives guarded the grounds and no one but the invited guests was allowed to enter.

Presents varying in value from $1 to $20,000 continued to arrive today.  The estimated value of the gifts received to date is $500,000.

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