Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1913 - Mrs. Astor to Wed English Lord

The Tacoma Times
January 15 1913


New York, Jan. 15--Lord Basil Blackwood has arrived here on board the steamship Cedric.  Dispatches from England say that he comes to marry Mrs. Ava Willing Astor, former wife of Col. John Jacob Astor, who died on the steamship Titanic.

Lord Blackwood was found on the upper deck of the Cedric.

Lord Basil Temple Blackwood
"I have found," said his lordship, "that reporters are a bore."

With that he moved hastily to his stateroom and locked the door from the inside.

Lord Basil Blackwood was conveyed in an automobile to the Astor residence.

Post Script - While Mrs Astor did not marry Lord Blackwood, she did marry another Brit, Thomas Lister, the 4th Baron Ribbesdale.

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