Monday, January 14, 2013

1913 - Package Contains Pets Cremains

The Times Dispatch
January 14 1913

Man and Woman of Same Name
Claim Package Sent
to Hotel

New York, January 13--The mail clerk at the Hotel McAlpin was called on yesterday to referee a dispute about the ownership of a package.  It was due to a coincidence in the names of a man and woman.  An identification by the woman of the contents of the package established her claim when she explained that the box contained the ashes of her Boston Terrier, which had been cremated and shipped here at her request by parcels post from Washington.

It was then that Frank F. Weston, sales manager of the S.G.V. Motorcar Company of Reading Pa., began to regret his part in the affair.  He had been notified that a package addressed F.F. Weston had come by parcels post.

When he called for it at the desk the clerk was engaged with a Mrs. Weston, who was asking eagerly for a package which she had expected to find awaiting her.  After some discussion as to the owner, Mrs. Weston described what the box would prove to contain when it was opened.  She said the dog had been her companion for nine years and had crossed the Atlantic with her no fewer than five times.

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