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1913 - Tichacek Parents Preserve Line of Succession

The Washington Herald
January 27 1913

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Servants Become Wives
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St. Louis, Mo., Jan 26.--Mrs Louis J. Tichacek (Anna J. Wodicka), of 3616 South Grand Avenue trains servant girls in her own home to be wives for her sons.  She has made three of these matches, and they have been so successful that she has plans for keeping her personally conducted matrimonial system in operation until all nine sons have taken servants of the family as wives.

The father of this interesting family of nine sons and a daughter also has a system.  As each son reaches the age of sixteen, he is given an interest in the father's business and becomes and active partner in it.  Tichacek has just taken his eighth son, Harry, into the firm.

"Their mother finds their wives and I put them in business and everybody is happy," says Tichacek.

Mr. Tichacek is a wealthy marble manufacturer and former State Representative.  With executive foresight Mrs. Tichacek preserves the line of succession by always having one or more household servants in training when the senior in rank is approaching the end of the allotted five-year period.

The Tichacek Children:
Louis Peter Tichacek, married Mary K. Harntil
August Albert Tichacek, married Mary Agnes Hlavac
Frank Joseph Tichacek, married Mary A. Tichacek, maiden name unknown
George Robert Tichacek, married Josephine M. Tichacek, maiden name unknown
Edward S. Tichacek, married Anna Mae Kopejtko
Charles B. Tichacek, married Milada Mary Hochman
Jerome E.L. Tichacek, married Frances A. Kalinowski
Marie E. Tichacek, married Frank H. Stecken
Harry F. Tichacek, married Genevieve Tichacek, maiden name unknown
Eugene A. Tichacek, married.Alice Noble

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