Saturday, January 12, 2013

1913 - Time Signal soon sent Wireless at Arlington

The Washington Herald
January 12 1913

Arlington Tower to Send Out Daily Signal
Will Be Help to Mariners and Inland Stations

A daily time signal will soon be sent out from the naval wireless station at Arlington, VA., according to announcement at the Navy Department yesterday.  The Arlington station is so powerful that it is expected that when the time signal service commences every ship in the North Atlantic carrying wireless apparatus will easily receive it.  The new service is expected to be of great assistance to mariners in keeping an accurate check on their chronometers.  The signal will be sent each day at noon.

It is also expected that many manufacturing jewelers and watchmakers throughout the United States will arrange to receive the noon signal from the Arlington station.  The Waltham Watch Company, of Waltham, Mass, already has equipped its factory with a wireless apparatus, and notified the Navy Department the other day that the New Year time signal sent from the Arlington station was plainly heard at the Waltham station. The Naval Observatory probably will continue its land noon signal service by telegraph, and the standard clock at the observatory will be the guide for the Arlington station.

The Naval Observatory is experimenting with a gyroscopic artificial horizon which it is seeking to develop to greater usefulness and serviceability.  One already has been devised for use in the the navy, which consists of a mirror surface held in a horizontal position by the use of a gyroscope, retaining its horizontal position, regardless of the motion of the ship.

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