Saturday, January 26, 2013

1913 - Tombstone Rabbits Compete in Poultry Show

Tombstone Epitaph
January 26 1913

Tombstone Rabbits to Compete
with Belgian Hare Honors

J.F. Lee is the rabbit king of the Salt River Valley.  Mr Lee lives on the Tempe road and has between 200 and 300 Belgian hares.  From these he raises 1000 hares a year, for which he finds a ready sale right at home.

At the poultry show last week Mr Lee had nine rabbits entered and he took nine prizes.  Six were first prizes two were second and one third.

Tombstone may also shortly share Belgian hare honors with Maricopa.  Mr. W P Thompson of this city is having much success in raising the rabbits and has a large number of pens at his home on Fourth street.

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