Thursday, January 24, 2013

1913 - What Are Your Hands Worth?

The Evening World
January 24 1913

SHE ASKS $150,000 FOR
Turning on Electric Light They were
So Burned They Had to Be Cut Off.

Winstead, Conn., Jan 24--Miss Gertrude M. Garity, daughter of John Garity of Suffield, valued her hands at $150,000 and has sued the Northern Connecticut Light and Power Company to recover that amount.

In attempting to turn on an electric light in her parents' home on the night of Dec. 27 last she received a shock which almost killed her.  Both hands were so badly burned that they had to be cut off.

The defendants run their wires on the same poles in Suffield and before and since the accident to Miss Garity several persons have been shocked in turning on the electric lights.  It is alleged by Miss Garity that the power company has wires which carry a voltage of 2,200 for power purposes and others which carry a voltage of 110 for lights.  The complaint charges negligence and defective construction and defective insulation which the companies should have known of and remedied.  All of the property rights and franchises of the Northern Connecticut Light and Power Company have been attached.

It is said in Suffield that other citizens who have been shocked will bring damage suits against both companies.  The damages sought by Miss Garity are the largest asked in an action ever brought in Superior Court for Hartford County.

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