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1913 - X. Ackley Sackett Renowned Silhouettist at The Man's Store

The Washington Times
January 5 1913

WITH 1913
Selling $35 Value 1913 Suits and Overcoats
for $19.13
Silhouettes of Customers Made by 
Expert Given Away.
The Man's Store is certainly keeping in step with the progressive year, 1913.  One striking evidence of this fact is D.J. Kaufman's $19.13 sale of hundreds of fine hand tailored suits and overcoats which formerly sold as high as $35

Silhouette of
George Washington cut in 1791
At the time this article is being written D.J. Kaufman's $19.13 sale of suits and overcoats is not yet four full days old, but already it is the most successful sale ever operated even by D.J. Kaufman, and D.J. Kaufman's sales, season after season, have been record-breakers in the fullest sense of the word.

Throughout the year 1913 D.J. Kaufman's business slogan of "Money's Worth or Money Back" will stand for just exactly what it says, just as it has always stood throughout the years.

The year 1913 is to see a revival of the silhouette or shadow photograph.  Society is taking up the fad, experts often being employed to produce profiles of guests.  Many persons have also used silhouettes by employing Mr. X. Ackley Sackett to make silhouettes of his customers, and gifts of these silhouettes are made to customers irrespective as to the amount of their purchases.

Full Length Silhouettes of
Two Well Known
Washington Children.
We reproduce with this article a number of samples of Mr. Sackett's work, which are done almost in the twinkling of an eye.  This expert has cut silhouettes of every President of the United States since Andrew Jackson, in 1867.  Some time ago Mr. Sackett was offered $5,000 for an album containing these original silhouettes.  Mr. Sackett recalls the fact that the first dollar he ever earned was for cutting a silhouette of General Grant in the year 1865, at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York. 

The general was very pleased with his silhouette, and gave the boy, then in knee trousers, a silver dollar.

Silhouette of a Debutante.
The art of the silhouette is over 3,000 years old.  The idea came from seeing the shadow profile cast on a wall and then tracing the same.  During the year 1791 the making of silhouettes was at its height.  They were then called "shades."  During this year the silhouette of George Washington was cut from life, an exact copy of which is reproduced here.  The original was purchased by ex-Governor Warfield, of Maryland, in London, for two pounds and ten shillings, and is still in his possession.

So rare is the art, due to the fact that but few are experts in the cutting of a perfect silhouette that both women as well as men will do well to take advantage of D.J. Kauffman's generosity of free silhouettes of themselves.  Only a short time ago a well-known Washington business man spent considerable time and money in order to procure a satisfactory silhouette of himself, finally having to resort ot a shadow photo-graph, this in turn being retouched by an artist, which only goes to show the interest Washingtonians are taking in the silhouette, the vogue having been revived some time ago in New York.

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