Thursday, February 21, 2013

1913 - The Courageous Woman

The Tensas Gazette
February 21, 1913

Portrayed Look of Terror
Artist Hodler Made Models
Sit on Edge of Roof
of His Five Story House

Munich--Ferdinand Hodler's picture "Das Mutige Welb" (The courageous woman) has been much discussed in art circles, especially in Switzerland, the home of the artist.

The look of terror on the woman's face is lifelike.  The story of how the artist got the facial effects, depicting fright and determination, is as follows:

Four models came to his studio to sit for the picture.  He asked them in turn to wear an expression such as they would have on jumping into a lifeboat from a sinking ship in a storm.  Not satisfied with the results, he took them up to the flat leaded roof of his house, which is five stories high, and placed a chair on the extreme edge.  The poor models were dreadfully frightened and each in turn sat wide eyed on the forward edge of the chair, too nervous to look in any direction but straight forward.

He chose one of the women, and took up his easel and rapidly sketched the face and upper part of the figure, though not at all too rapidly for the sitter.

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