Sunday, February 24, 2013

1913 - Cut off Toes so He could Join the Navy

The Washington Herald
February 24 1913

Toes to be Cut Off
So He can Join Navy
Spokaner Wants to be Sailor so Bad
He Plans to Have Deformed Pedal 
Attachments Amputated
Spokan, Wash., Feb. 23--So earnest is Albert Frank Comiskey in his desire to join the Navy that he is selling his personal belongings to raise money for an operation that will relieve him of an affliction known as "hammer toes."  Besides the affliction, the operation will relieve him of the two toes concerned.

Comiskey made application at the marine recruiting office in Spokane to join the service. He passed the examination in every particular but one, and the rules bar all possessors of "hammer toes."  Comiskey left the office disgusted with red tape, but returned the following day to ask if he would be accepted if he would have the offending toes removed.  He was told he might join then.

He then left for Seattle to call on the naval surgeon, and Crop. Rogers is now awaiting the enlistment of a man whom he believes the navy needs.

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