Sunday, February 17, 2013

1913 - Fashion Week in New York

The Tacoma Times
February 17 1913

Tuxedo for Women
Latest Edict of
Fashion World

A tuxedo for women, made as much like a man's tuxedo as possible, is the latest fashion put forth Friday by the National Ladies' Tailors and Dressmakers' association holding its fifth annual convention in New York.

The woman's tuxedo comes as a walking suit.  The skirt is plain and close fitting, being only a yard a quarter round the feet.  There are three straps of braid down the side, one broad strap, with a narrower one on either side--and then comes the coat.

Cut on the exact lines of a tuxedo with black satin collar, the coat is worn with a close-fitting double-breasted waistcoat of white silk matelasse with two rows of buttons.

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