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1913 - The Identity of Baby Doll Mary

The Atlanta Constitution
February 10, 1913

Former Georgia Woman,
Moving Picture Actress,
Killed by New York Car

New York, February 9--(Special.)--A well-dressed woman about 35 years old, who was struck by a Fourteenth street crosstown car at Irving place on Saturday afternoon, died early this evening at Bellevue hospital.  Two men who wouldn't tell their names looked at the body in the morgue tonight and said it was that of Mrs. Mary Estes, a widow, who came from a wealthy Georgia family.

They said that she had been a singer in this city and an actress for moving pictures, and had a sister living at 454 Pine Street, Macon, Ga.

When the woman was brought into Bellevue Saturday suffering from a fractured skull and internal injuries there was nothing upon her clothing to lead to identification.  There was a tattooed inscription upon the calf of her right leg which pictured a dove with a letter in its bill flying toward a heart.  Under this were the words, "Baby Doll, Mary."

Moved to New York

Macon, Ga. February 9--(Special.)  Mrs. Mary Estes, until ten or twelve years ago, was a resident of Atlanta.  She was married there to a man named Walsh and moved to New York, where her husband died. 

She had been a musician in a moving picture theater in the metropolis.  Though her real name was Walsh she used her maiden name of Estes.

J.M. and George Estes, brothers of Mrs Estes, were located here tonight at 454 Pine street.  They say the live in Atlanta and have families there with whom they spend the week-ends.

Relatives in Atlanta

J.M. Estes, who lives in Kirkwood, is a brother of Mrs. Walsh, according to a statement made at the residence last night.  Mr. Estes was out of town.

"Mrs. Walsh was my father's sister, and the sister of George P. Estes, also of Atlanta," said a daughter of Mr. Estes.  "She had been in the north for the past sixteen years, and had not recently been south."

No news of the death of Mrs. Walsh had reached the family until the message from The Constitution was conveyed to them

Post Script - Her parents were Martin Van Buren Estes and Lou Mary Sharp Estes.  She had three brothers: George Pierce Estes, John Minor Estes and Thomas Raines Estes.

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