Friday, February 22, 2013

1913 - Infant to be Exhumed

The Washington Times
February 22 1913

Philadelphia Authorities to Prove
or Disprove Death of Child
Swapped in Hospital

Philadelphia, Feb. 22--The mother of Beatrice Kaufman wants to know if her little girl is dead or has she been delivered to some other woman who is laboring under the delusion that she is in possession of her own child.

To answer this question the body of a child buried as Mollie Engleman in Mt Carmel Cemetery on january 18, will be exhumed today in the presence of Beatrice Kaufman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Kaufman, of Westmont Street.

This is the latest phase of a remarkable case of mistaken identity at the Philadelphia Hospital for Contagious Diseases.

Through some freak of chance, Mollie Engleman assumed the identity of Beatrice Kaufman after she was admitted to the hospital on December 27.  Tuesday she was delivered by the hospital authorities to Mr. and Mrs. Kaufman as their daughter.  The Kaufmans quickly perceived that the child was not their daughter and returned her demanding their own child, who had been admitted to the institution suffering from scarlet fever on December 26.

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