Monday, February 25, 2013

1913 - It is Easier to Spend Money than Brain Force

The Tacoma Times
February 25 1913

Dress Your Character & Not Your Body
is Advice of Nazimova, Famous Russian Actress
Now Appearing in "Bella Donna" in New York

New York, Feb. 25--"Dress your character--not your figure," Says Alla Nazimova, in an interview today.  The Russian actress is playing leading role in "Bella Donna" at her own theater and is making the real New York hit.

"What I said is the first rule for the woman who would be well gowned," she she added.  "it is not likely to be  followed by very many women because it requires much thought to think out your clothes.  And it is easier to spend money than brain force."

"The many things to remember are the time, place and the circumstances of your wearing.

One of the reasons we see so many ill-dressed women is that they buy things because they look pretty as displayed in the stores and then they wear them for no other reason than that."

"Every woman's dress IS more or less symbolic of her nature, and she tells oftimes more about her real self than she thinks!

"For instance, the woman who wears anything at all because she thinks it is stylish is very apt to be pleasure-loving, luxurious, and lazy.

"The woman who always wears a style just as it has become so popular that it is being dropped by the most fashionable." 

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