Friday, February 1, 2013

1913 - It's all Relative when Left out of Will

The Washington Times
February 1, 1913

Relatives Cut Off 
For Lack of Visits
Get $1 Each in Will That 
Rebukes Kin for Leaving
Widow Alone

Cutting off her sister and the latter's children with $1 each in her will, dated August 9, 1912, Lorinda A. Hooks, explains "that since the death of my dear husband I have been obliged to live alone and care for myself as best I could."

"My sister, nieces, and nephews have never visited me or shown any kindness or consideration for me, and therefore do not deserve any consideration at my hands," she says in conclusion.

Her sister in question is Mrs. Elsie M. Parson and the latter's children are Viola Parsons, Albert Parsons and Herbert Parsons.  A half brother and two half sisters living in Detroit get small legacies.

Cash bequests were made as follows:  $100 to Captain John Shaw, $500 to Mrs. Nettie Hardesty, $500 to St Cecelia's Academy, $100 to the Little Sisters of the Poor, $200 to Miss Marie Kircher, and $200 each to Fathers J.M. O'Brien and J.P. Carey.

The remaining estate is left in trust to the National Savings and Trust Company with provisions that it shall be sold, and the proceeds given to the Rev. J.F. McGee, of the Sacred Heart Shrine, as a personal gift.

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