Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1913 - 'Sea Monster' killed by Hatpin

The San Francisco Call
February 6 1913

Monster of Sea
Almost Drowns Oakland Belle
Helen Goodall Saves Susette Greenwood
Death by Killing Giant Eel
with Hatpin

New York, Feb. 5.--A thrilling fight with a green maury in the surf at Nassau was the experience of two Berkeley college girls who arrived today from the West Indies on the Victoria Luise.

Miss Helen Goodall and Miss Susette Greenwood, chaperoned by Mrs. Goodall, made the trip to the West Indies from their home in Oakland, Cal.

While standing in the shallow water at Nassau two weeks ago Miss Greenwood was seized by the heel of her bathing slipper and thrown.  She screamed and Miss Goodall saw a huge maury gripping her companion's foot and lashing its eel like body furiously in an attempt to drag the girl into the deep water. 

A great green maury is a horrible thing.  It is a species of giant eel and grows to a length of five or six feet.  It is extremely ferocious and makes an ugly fight in the water.

Pulling a hatpin from her Panama hat Miss Goodall thrust it into the maury and fortunately pricked a vital spot for the reptile let go of Miss Greenwood.

Miss Goodall then dragged her friend to the beach.

The body of the maury, with the hatpin stuck in it, was found on the beach the following day.

It measured four and a half feet in length and was about as thick as a man's arm.

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