Saturday, February 2, 2013

1913 - Sewing Circle Shamed By Husband's Clothing

New-York Tribune
February 2 1913

Husbands Send Mending 
To Wives Sewing Circle
Expressman Interrupts "Bee" with Box 
of "Charity Begins at Home" Material

New Brunswick, N.J. Feb 1--The arrival of an expressman with a big case interrupted a meeting of the ladies' sewing circle at South Amboy yesterday.  The circle is not attached to any particular organization, but holds gatherings at the homes of members.  Two dinner knives and a tack hammer were broken before the lid of the box was started.

"Why, it is nothing but old clothes--there's  John's trousers!" exclaimed one of the members as the cover was lifted.  The aggrieved husbands of the members, who thought home work was being neglected, had sent their articles of clothing which needed mending.  On each article was a note explaining just what repairs were needed.

"My wife belongs to the sewing circle, but kindly note that I have been holding up my trousers with a nail during the last few weeks, as my suspenders are out of working order," one note read.

"Any attention to the lining of this coat would be appreciated by a poor man."

"I would hate to be killed in this shirt, for fear the undertaker would see how ragged it is."

These are a sample of the notes.  The sewing circle may dissolve.

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