Saturday, February 16, 2013

1913 - Sows Wild Oats at 72

The New York Tribune
February 16 1913

Sows "Wild Oats" At 72
Prisoner Tells Court He Wanted 
"Just One Spree."

Massillon, Ohio, Feb 15--A plea that he was sowing his "wild oats" gained liberty for Jacob Schneider, seventy-two years old, of Orrville, Ohio, arrested here on a charge of intoxication.

Schneider told Mayor A.N. Kaley, before whom he was arraigned, that he always had led a sober life, but wished for once before he died to know what pleasure there was in the cup that cheers.  He said that he decided he had better not wait until he was older or he might miss the experience.  The usual lecture to youthful first offenders was delivered to Schneider by the Mayor.

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