Friday, February 8, 2013

1913 - Who Is Baby Doll Mary?

The Evening World
February 8 1913

"Baby Doll Mary"
Is Tattooed on Leg
of Woman Car Hit
Inscription beneath 
Dove and Crimson
Heart Only Clue to 
Her Identity.

Somebody's "Baby Doll Mary" lies in Bellevue Hospital with a fractured skull.  Her name is unknown.  She is a brunette, with large baby blue eyes, five feet eight inches in height, and stunningly dressed.  She wore a brown silk gown, a jaunty turban of brown, with an aigrette and a white silk scarf around her neck.  She had on black button shoes and black silk stockings.

The woman was knocked down by a Fourteenth street car, bound west, near Irving place, at 2 o'clock this afternoon.  The street was crowded with matinee-goers and shoppers.  She crossed behind an east-bound car and the trolley coming west was almost on top of her before she saw it.  The motorman, Paul Kron, of No. 642 East Thirteenth street, applied the brakes, but could not prevent the car striking her.  It came to a stop before the wheels could pass over her.  She screamed as she realized her danger.  The next moment she was unconscious.

Through the big crowd which gathered Policeman Louis Pergolis made his way and bore the unconscious woman to a cigar store, where he summoned an ambulance from Bellevue Hospital.  Dr. Cahill, who responded with the ambulance, declared her skull was fractured.  Policeman O'Connor, who has five service stripes on his sleeve, arrived in time to help place the victim of the trolley on the hospital stretcher.

"Look!" whispered Policeman Pergolis, "look at her leg."

"I'll do nothing of the kind," responded Policeman O'Connor, "and it's little you have to do doing the same."

But Pergolis insisted and O'Connor took a look.  Above the black silk stocking, on a leg which was very white, was tattooed a dove with a letter in its bill.  Beneath it was a bright red heart.  Around the leg, just above the knee, in colors that made the rainbow look like a streak in the sky, was tattooed, amid  fancy scroll work:  "Baby Doll Mary."

At the hospital there were found in her purse $2.83 and a stickpin.  She wore a plain gold band on her wedding finger and ring with a small diamond setting.  In her bag was a professional copy of the song: "I'm Glad You're Going, Good Bye."

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