Tuesday, February 5, 2013

1913 - Rhoda's Grandmother Fights to Keep Her

Fort Wayne News
February 5 1913

At the top, Mrs. Young and Rhoda Boehler;
Bottom, Mrs. Emmeline Coleman and Josephine Coleman
Aged Memphis Women
Fight in Courts
to Keep Children
They Have Reared

Two aged women of Memphis, Tenn., are fighting in the courts to prevent two pretty little girls, not their own, from being taken away from them.  Mrs. Rhoda Young is the grandmother of her namesake, Rhoda Boehler, 4, who was made an orphan when her father, Adam J. Boehler, was shot to death not long ago by police who were attempting his capture. (That story here).  An uncle of the little girl who can give her a better home than her grandparents, wishes to take her to his home in Columbus, O.  Mrs. Emmaline Coleman is the step-grandmother of Josephine Coleman, 8, and has taken care of the little girl since her mother practically deserted her several years ago.  Recently the mother went to the Coleman home and took Josephine away.  Now the grandmother is trying to get the child back.

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  1. Rhoda Boehler was my first cousin twice removed. Thanks for posting this.