Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1913 - Death of Typist Baffles Police

The Salt Lake Tribune
March 12 1913

Katherine Bethune
Death of Typist is Baffling to the Police

Hurled from Elevator, Girl is 
Found Dead in Hall of Business Building.

New York, March 11--A large force of detectives have been assigned to clear up the baffling mystery of the death of Miss Katherine Bethune, the beautiful young typist employed in the bureau of municipal research, whose body was found in the hall of a business building on Broadway shortly before dawn.  It is the theory of the police that Miss Bethune was hurled from an automobile.

Unknown Friend
A photograph found in her home included herself and an unknown girl friend.  The police are seeking to identify the other girl in the hope that she knows something of the tragedy.

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