Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1913 - Mute 14 Yr old Shot, Suspected of Sinister Intent

The Manning Times
March 26 1913

His Silence Caused Suspicion and He Was Shot.

Suspected of sinister intention because of his silence, Louis Duncan, 14 years old, a runaway deaf mute from the State Institute at Cedar Springs, was shot by T.M. Ross, aged 62 years, when the boy called at Mr. Ross' home on the outskirts of Spartanburg Sunday night to beg a drink of water.

Miss Elizabeth Ross was aroused from slumber by a knock on the door.  When she opened it she saw a dim figure in the dark, which made no sound, but waved his arms.  Miss Ross recoiled, screaming with fright.  Her father jumped from bed, snatched a shot gun and stepped out of the house to repel the supposed intruder, who backed off.

The old man called to him to halt, but there was no answer.  The figure commenced to run and the old man fired.  They found the boy lying in a little crumped heap, conscious but mute.  He was taken to the Spartanburg hospital, where it was said that he would soon recover.  He is a son of Walter Duncan, of near Greenville.

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