Wednesday, March 13, 2013

1913 - Tragedy Occurs in a Cheap Downtown Hotel

The Tacoma Times
March 13 1913

Suicides; Kills
Affinity to Escape Wife

San Francisco, March 13

By shooting and killing his affinity, Agnes Vorobion, and then himself, W.J. Sosin, keeper of a small grocery store here, has today escaped the vengeance of his wife who had located him here after a five years' search.

The double tragedy occurred in a cheap downtown hotel and in a note left by Sosin, a suicide pact is suggested,

The note said:  "This is love."

Five years ago Sosin married Julia Radiamoff in Russia.  He found his wife with an admirer one night and is said to have killed the man.  Then he escaped to America with his wife in close pursuit.  Later he met the Vorobion woman and came here.

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