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1913 - Confederate Veterans Excluded in GAR Blunder

The Daily Missoulian
September 18 1913


Confederate Veterans excluded 
from Parade Although invited.


Men who Wore the Gray are Prepared
to Take Places in Line When
Told That Instructions Had Been 
Issued Which Barred Women and
Civilians From the Procession

Chattanooga, Tenn, September 17--Enforcement of an order excluding women and civilians from the 47th annual parade of the Grand Army of the Republic today prevented the N.B. Forrest camp of United Confederate veterans from participating in the pageant.  Clad in their gray uniforms, the southerners were preparing to form in the line of march with Forsythe, post No. 15 of Toledo, Ohio, when they were informed of the order.

An invitation to join in the parade had been tendered Colonel L.T. Dickinson, commander of the Forrest camp, by Colonel Henry N. Hanson, commander of the the Forsythe post.  Just when they were ready to take their places, Colonel Hanson informed Colonel Dickinson that the commander of the department of Ohio, Colonel W.R. Warneck, had been instructed to bar everyone from the parade except Union veterans.

Colonel Hanson expressed deep regret over the incident.  The Confederate veterans also appeared distressed, but as they marched quietly back to their headquarters they were greeted by cheers from the Union veterans.

Much Regretted.

In a statement tonight, Colonel Dickinson said:
"We regretted the incident very much, but I believe our comrades and especially those in the Forsythe post were even more distressed.  We hold no ill-feeling toward the rank and file of the boys in blue.  To show any of them, we are tendering an invitation to visit our camp tomorrow night."

The following explanation of the incident was made in a statement tonight by Commander-in-Chief Alfred B.Beers of the G.A.R.:
"Yesterday I learned that there was a body of women here planning to take part in the Grand Army of the Republic parade from the state of Ohio.  For this reason I called the attention of the commander of the department of Ohio to the following extract from general order No. 10, which reads:  "Women and civilians are prohibited from participating in the parade and department commanders are directed to enforce this order in their respective departments.

I do not know that an invitation had been extended to Confederate veterans to take part in the parade and never heard that there was any intention of extending an invitation to the N.B. Forrest Camp of U.C. V.

The Forrest camp of Confederate veterans was excluded in accordance with a general order issued September 2, 1913, barring all persons from parade except G.A.R. members.

In addition to this, the confederate camp was not excluded because its members were Confederate soldiers, but because it is the policy of the Grand Army of the Republic to have only its members in the parade, with the exception of Sons of Veterans, who were officially invited to act as escorts."

Fully 12,000 Union survivors of the civil war marched through the streets of Chattanooga today in the parade.  In the face of a steady rain the veterans trudged between human walls of cheering spectators along the entire route.

Other events in connection with the encampment were a reproduction of the battle of Missionary ridge this afternoon and a Grand Army campfire at the City Auditorium tonight.

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