Saturday, September 14, 2013

1913 - Does Your Flower Send the Wrong Message?

Flower Language

The Caucasian, Shreveport LA
September 14 1913

Flowers have a language of their own.  Now, were you to send a bouquet to your best friend it would be well to know that a full blown rose means beauty, garden marigold means uneasiness, garden anemone means expectation, geranium means gentility, goldenrod means precaution, holly means foresight, honeysuckle means bond of love, hyacinth means game, ivy means true friendship, laurel means glory, lily means innocence, lily of the valley means happiness, lotos (sic) means silence, maple means reserve, marigold means despair, narcissus means egotism, orange blossom means marriage, pansy means thought, passion flower means superstition, and peony means shame.

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